CAIT Calls For The Implementation Of Digital Solutions To Adequately Fight 21st Century Cross-border Illicit Trade

CAIT calls for the implementation of digital solutions to adequately fight 21st century cross-border illicit trade

The Coalition Against Illicit Trade, today launches its latest white paper that brings the expertise…

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OECD & EUIPO: Mapping The Real Routes Of Trade In Fake Goods

OECD & EUIPO: Mapping the Real Routes of Trade in Fake Goods

A study by the OECD and the EUIPO assesses the complex routes associated with the…

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EU Customs Seized Over 41 Million Fake Goods At EU Borders Last Year

EU customs seized over 41 million fake goods at EU borders last year

New figures released by the European Commission last month show that customs authorities detained more…

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RUSI & KPMG: Latest Project Sun Report Reveals Scale Of Illicit Tobacco Trade

RUSI & KPMG: Latest Project Sun report reveals scale of illicit tobacco trade

The latest KPMG study into the European illicit tobacco market, was for the first time…

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Europol Seizes 122 Tons Of Illegal Or Counterfeit Pesticides During Operation Silver Axe II

Europol seizes 122 tons of illegal or counterfeit pesticides during operation Silver Axe II

Europol announced that together with OLAF the organisation has supported an intensive coordinated international operation…

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Coalition Against Illicit Trade Launches New Paper On Best Business Practices For Enhancing Traceability And Authentication

Coalition Against Illicit Trade launches new paper on best business practices for enhancing traceability and authentication

The Coalition Against Illicit Trade (CAIT), published its latest White Paper that brings together the…

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Atos Worldline Publishes A Position Paper On Track & Trace For Tobacco Products

Atos Worldline publishes a position paper on Track & Trace for tobacco products

One of our members, Atos Worldline, published in April a position paper on How to…

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European Economic And Social Committee Hearing: Antiquated EU Regulation Obstacle To Effective Fight Against Counterfeit And Pirated Products Industry

European Economic and Social Committee hearing: Antiquated EU regulation obstacle to effective fight against counterfeit and pirated products industry

On 6 April, the EESC invited to the hearing prominent experts from some of the…

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