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New study on the role of small parcels in counterfeit trade

EUIPO and OECD released a joint study on the “Misuse of small parcels for trade in counterfeit goods” on December 12. It reveals that 63% of customs seizures of counterfeit and pirated goods involve small parcels sent through postal or express services.

Research show that although large container shipments account for the largest amount of counterfeit traffic in terms of value, customs authorities are increasingly seizing small parcel shipments. Small shipments are commonly used for small counterfeit consumer items, such as footwear (84 %), photographic and medical equipment (77%) but also handbags, jewellery and ICT devices.

According to EUIPO’s Executive Director, Christian Archambeau, this is a worrying discovery as small parcel shipments are harder for customs officials to track and seize.

The full report is available here

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