Our Mission and Objectives
The trade of counterfeited and contraband goods represents a significant threat to consumers, public authorities, companies, and society in general.

Counterfeiting and the trade in contraband is a global issue that affects a huge range of industries: pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, luxury goods, alcohol, tobacco, chemicals, cosmetics, toys, gemstones, watches and clothing, to name just a few. The trade in unregulated and untested counterfeit goods poses a significant danger to consumers’ health, and costs governments around the world untold billions in lost revenues – funds that could be used to build schools, provide healthcare, and cut taxes.

We established CAIT to foster enhanced co-operation among stakeholders, share best practice, and discuss practical solutions to the problem. Industry involvement is vital, given its hard-won insights into markets, supply chains and effective control processes. Our members have significant experience in implementing track & trace systems and authentication solutions. With CAIT, we have created a forum dedicated to advancing common technological standards – and to stepping up the fight against illicit trade worldwide.

Our Mission

  • Encourage collaboration and exchange best practice between industry, regulators and policymakers
  • Promote open technology standards to develop effective solutions in the fight against counterfeiting and illicit trade
  • Deepen our understanding of track & trace and anti-counterfeiting technologies and their practical application

Membership is open to all companies and organisations who share the coalition’s objectives and principles.

Our Members in 2018